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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning. he is above vanuatu right now in the south pacific. . it's christmas eve day, thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. >> we have all been keeping an eye on santa and we got the red memo. >> we are feeling the christmas spirit. >> christmas eve. exciting stuff, tracking santa, folks. we have some good weather for him, as well. we'll have to update you on that. although if you are heading out the door this morning, at 4:30 on christmas eve, i don't know why you would be. [ laughter ] >> where are you going? >> i think the cold might actually -- [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> we are seeing showers throughout the day. we'll have that coming up. it's chilly. grab a jacket. that's early christmas
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shopping if you are out this early. highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains an accident clearing northbound 17 at lexington reservoir. we also have chp wind advisories for a couple of bridges. i'll have details coming up. detectives in san leandro believe that a quadruple shooting outside a nightclub was a hate crime. kpix 5's andria borba with more on the evidence that helped police determine a motive. reporter: a mid the chaos of a rainy crime scene monday morning san leandro police officers now think they have a motive for a shooting that left four people with gunshot wounds. >> salvador lopez aguilera actually ordered carlos cervantes to get the gun, pull the trigger and shoot the four people. >> reporter: detectives are calling it a hate crime. >> the victims and the suspects had been in the bar together earlier that night where this were words exchanged based upon sexual orientation that carried out into the parking lot of at the end of the night. >> reporter: lieutenant robert mcmanus of the san leandro police department says a
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combination of victim statements, bartender statements and surveillance video led them to label this shooting as a hate crime. >> they were the intended targets because of their sexual orientation. >> reporter: san leandro officers arrested these two men carlos cervantes and salvador lopez aguilera. detectives say they arrived just as cervantes was about to flee >> he was in his car ready to go to get out of the bay area packed and out of the state of california likely. >> reporter: officers are still investigating whether the two suspects in the case are gang members. >> there appears to be a hierarchy here to where one person tells somebody else to do something and that person follows through. it wasn't that he asked him to go across the street and get the car and pick him up because it was raining. he ordered someone to shoot four people. >> reporter: san leandro detectives will happened this case off to the alameda county district attorney's office. they are recommending four counts of murder as well as hate crime charges.
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in san leandro, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the suspects are in santa rita jail. they will be charged today. new details on the plane that went down in the woods in the east bay. eye viewer shot this cell phone video just minutes after the single-engine piper slammed into a steep hillside near castro valley on tuesday. it shows debris and evidence that the plane broke up on impact. john sacco was the only person on board. he was a safety engineer and consultant. earlier this year governor brown appointed him to the state osha board. the ntsb is taking over the investigation arriving at the crash site yesterday morning. special recovery teams from the sheriff's office and fire department stepped in to help the investigators get to that wreckage. >> today my goal is to document the wreckage as it came to rest. i'll be taking photographs, getting latitude and longitude measurements and thing like that. we'll wait to do a more
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thorough examination of the wreckage when it's recovered. >> investigators will be evaluating the weather, the pilot training, health, the plane's mechanics. it could take weeks to finish the preliminary report. a scary experience on a southwest flight that took off yesterday at 6 a.m. passengers saw sparks fly as the landing gear went out right after they took off from oakland. the plane circled for hours over manteca to burn fuel and turned back toward oakland and came in for an emergency landing. >> oh, i thought i was going to die. people were scared. when the pilots kept coming out of the cockpit, that was really alarming. >> gets your attention. the plane landed safely after four hours. some of the passengers decided against trying to catch another flight. others boarded different planes to get to their destinations. southwest is inspecting that aircraft, of course that malfunctioned. the airline industry scrambling to prevent delays as
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travelers rush to get to their destinations on this christmas eve. airlines are shifting schedules for thousands of flights and adding dozens of red eyes. rain and fog in parts of the u.s. caused delays and cancellations yesterday so if you plan on flying today, you want to check with your airline before heading to the airport. you should get to the airport 90 minutes before departure time for domestic flights, they say, and 2 hours for hawaii and international destinations. six people were killed when a tornado ripped through mississippi. a 7-year-old boy is among the dead. this is one of several twisters wreaking havoc in the midwest and south. we'll have a closer look at the damage coming up in just a few minutes but first closer to home now at 35 minutes after the hour of 4:00, it's time to get a look at our own weather. something is marching south. >> yes. that something is a little bit of rain, possibly even snow down around 2500 feet. i wouldn't be surprised to see a dusting of snow in some of the higher elevations here in the bay area but a winter storm
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warning is in effect for the sierra. so grab your chains. a look at hi-def doppler now, most of the area is dry. we saw showers overnight. the leading edge of the rain right now over the north bay and santa rosa. we'll look at one of these cells. if we can find the liquor, it's early, it's christmas eve, if i can find the clicker, thank you, billy poon! a cell over milpitas over 680 and 880 hopefully not too many people on the roads this morning. a look at your current temperatures out the door, cool this morning. in fact, even cooler man? yesterday. 30s and 40s for some of the coolest spots. 36 santa rosa. 45 in san jose. a quick look at your weather headlines for the day. wet to start the day, unsettled, could see a possibility of some thundershowers due to the cold air behind the front passing through. cold air in place today. i have more details coming up in just a bit. first a check of the roads. i'm hoping they are empty. >> you know, roads are -- most
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of the roads are empty this morning. we are going to talk about highway 17. good morning. with northbound 17 approaching lexington reservoir an accident in the clearing stages. it shut down at least one lane of traffic that you can see. it's very quiet. it's early so highway 17 still looks good despite that problem. just keep in mind it's windy, affecting some commutes. the chp is warning of blustery conditions heading across the benicia bridge with the high wind warning there. also, a high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge this morning. where traffic is very light leaving oakland heading into san francisco. do keep in mind you may see some brief delays later on this afternoon early evening with the raiders game scheduled for 5:25. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? the 911 center in san francisco experienced an emergency of its own this week. kpix 5's mark kelly shows us the backup plan in place after the center's computer system went down. >> reporter: san francisco's
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911 center is the heart of the city but that heart gets a beat. >> did you break a sweat a little bit? >> maybe a little. >> reporter: the deputy director says the computer system dispatchers use to send firefighters and officers to emergencies suddenly turned off forcing dispatchers to world old school. [ talking on telephone ] >> we are a 911 center. we have backups to our backups to backups and we reverted to paper and pencil. >> reporter: without computers, dispatchers used paper forms and this old clipboard of pre- approved questions to help callers through their emergencies. and this giant board with its peg lights and antiquated knobs kept track of where the emergency trucks were in the city at all times. >> engin 3 is on a call down here. >> reporter: after two hours down, the computers were up and running again by 5 p.m. >> and when the vehicle fled, which way did it go?
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>> reporter: he said dispatchers never missed a beat. >> it wasn't great to the have it go down but it was good that it really didn't have much of an impact on the service to the public. >> reporter: the 911 center says they are still trying to figure out what caused that computer system toll go down. at fire station 51 in the presidio, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the city's emergency dispatchers get more than 30,000 calls a day. the in-laws of a woman killed in action lived in san francisco. major adrianna vorderbruggen lobbied for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." that policy changed five years ago and now her family are eligible for military death benefits. the major's older brother says his sister was a trailblazer. >> i want to say she is a hero and, um, i hope she is a hero
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to all of us not just to me. she inspired us all, i think, by just being herself and being proud to be who she was. >> she was one of six you was troops killed on monday by a suicide bomber. their remains were brought back to the u.s. yesterday. time now 20 minutes before the hour of 5:00 on this christmas eve. tornadoes hail and snow hit all at once over the midwest. we'll show you the damage and let you know what we'll see here in the coming days. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as c-b-s news' omar villafra (vee-uh-frahn-kah) reports. tornadoes are blamed for at ree winter is finger with severe storms in parts of the -- is beginning with severe stores in the east and midwest. tornadoes are blamed for at least six deaths in three different states. >> i can see the breeze. >> reporter: a large tornado plowed through northern mississippi wednesday afternoon near the town of clarksdale. the tornado was apparently on the ground for 10 minutes damaging homes and blowing a
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tractor-trailer off the road. the storm moved toward nearby comoe wrecking houses and outbuildings. >> several tornado spread out up to illinois even parts of iowa into indiana. >> reporter: drivers could barely make their way along highway 412 in southern missouri. the storm pelted the area with hail. witnesses in highland, arkansas, say storms there rolled in without warning. >> snapped off a pine tree by my truck and i slammed my seatbelt on and said, lord, let me just survive this. >> reporter: in arkansas an 18- year-old woman died after a tree fell on her house. forecasters say the risk for long-tracked tornadoes continues overnight. >> vigilance in the threat time, nighttime tornadoes very dangerous. >> reporter: the threat diminishes thursday. the focus then turns to record high temperatures expected on the east coast. omar villafranca, kpix 5. >> this kind of weather just
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before christmas is rare but not unprecedented. the weather does not seem to be stopping santa. he has been at it for the last several hours. >> he has been. i'm trying to pull up norad santa tracker on my computer so i can get some specific information. >> there he is, julie. >> you can see it right here on your television screen. the monitor is so small i'm having trouble reading it. >> he is above some islands right now. >> 4 minutes and 38 seconds. look at the counter so he has, what, over 5,028,000 presents delivered so far. >> he is busy. >> that's impressive i have to say and keep in mind, that's nowhere near us yet. so all of the little boys good boys and girls waiting for their presents for tonight sand will be adding to that total. >> exciting! >> heading our way. weather is good there. how about -- are we doing traffic or weather first?
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>> >> we may see a white christmas in the bay area. i remember being a kid here and it was so exciting to see snow. i don't think we'll see it in the bay but some of the local peaks could see some snow by the ind of the day today. here's hi-def doppler, you can see the front still well to our north right now over the north bay. and this is where some of the moderate to heavy rainfall is falling right now. petaluma, novato, sonoma, passing through your neck of the woods. we'll continue to move south throughout the morning first in the bay area and then later this morning into the south bay. here's a look at the cold front right now again moving through today. cold, unstable air behind it. that means unsettled weather throughout the day. so of course that first heavy band of rain will pass through this morning. but then we'll see showers continuing throughout the day. futurecast times it out for us and you can see here we are around 6:00, there's that front there passing into the bay area
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moving south into san jose. but again, that cold, unstable air here could lead to the possibility of some thunderstorms later on today maybe some small hail. and then we see even colder air moving in. in fact a freeze watch in effect tonight. so any of these lingering showers you see here 8:00 overnight tonight into christmas morning could mean a little dusting of snow in some of the higher elevations here locally. certainly winter storm warning in effect for the sierra so keep that in mind heading up there. rain to start the day showers remain throughout the day today possibility of some thunderstorms and, of course, a freeze watch in effect tonight. heading to the airport today, possible arrival delays due to the showers and possibly thunderstorms later today here out of sfo. elsewhere your major hubs not looking too bad but we have the possibility of thunderstorms in atlanta and houston today. showers in new york. you could see some weather- related delays here in addition to other travel delays we see just because it's so busy today. hoping the roads are not going to be busy today. how are they looking now? >> so far this morning they
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are looking okay. we are watching one accident. good morning, julie. hi there, everybody. highway 17, that's going to be a problem area in the northbound direction approaching lexington reservoir. a car spun out blocking the slow lane. that's the only accident according to the chp. traffic is still fine approaching the accident scene. also the chp has posted a couple of high wind advisories one for the benicia bridge, also a high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge this morning. westbound traffic is still fine leaving oakland heading into san francisco. a quick 18-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. meantime, the rest of the commute is extremely quiet. we are anticipating a very quiet drive on bay area roads. a lot of people just have the day off on this christmas eve. southbound traffic looks good leaving southern marin approaching san francisco. now, the "ace" train today is operating on a holiday schedule. so that means no train number 5 or 7 today. this morning bart is on a regular schedule with no
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delays. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." efforts are under way to save several large salmon that got trapped in drainage canals while trying to find spawning grounds. this is happening in yolo county about 10 miles northeast of woodland. kpix 5's don ford has more on the plan to save these fish. >> reporter: hundreds of salmon took a wrong turn and instead of a clear running stream ended up here in a muddy irrigation ditch. the department of fish and wildlife is doing its best to rescue as many as they can. >> it's literally life or death. if we didn't do this, these giant 35, 36" fish would be gone and dead. >> reporter: the wrong turn started 30 miles away in the delta, 30 miles of drainage ditches, shallow irrigation canals through farming fields. a state biologists built a trap to hold the endangered salmon in special pen. each day, dozens are rescued,
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studied and tagged. >> 92. >> reporter: then placed into a special holding tank trailer to be released back into the sacramento river. biologists say the drought makes this rescue operation critical for the survival of these endangered salmon because back in the delta, the water flows are so low, the fish are having a hard time figuring out which is the right way to go. >> these canals seems like creeks to the fish but there's no spawn habitat, no gravel. the fish can't spawn in mud. >> then they end up all the way up here in woodland, which is, you know, 30 miles from where they should be. >> reporter: so far, more than 450 fall-run chinook salmon have been saved. the operation will continue daily until the start of winter storms. in the yolo bypass, don ford, kpix 5. let's continue this wild kingdom theme! a young black bear running amok in one of california's largest cities. this was the scene tuesday in fresno! authorities think the bear got into a trash compactor near a
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lake and ended up in a garbage truck which traveled 65 miles to a dump. from there off the bear went. fish and wildlife found and captured the animal. >> he opened the door and he come running out and one of the other drivers is standing right there. he ran right by him and took off that way. >> it's a bear!! >> must have been exciting. this cell phone video was shot right before the bear was captured. the bear was brought back home to hume lake where he was well known in the community with the nickname cinnamon. in the bay area a holiday homecoming. >> juanita! >> great. >> there's juanita the duck. she is back at had assisted living facility in san anselmo where she was a long time resident but then wandered away in september then got caught up in a bizarre custody battle involving state officials. yesterday, the fish and wildlife department cut through the red tape and finally brought her home to the delight
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of all her friends at bello gardens. >> you what fleet that brings them happy -- juanita brings them happiness. they are going to be happy today and through the holidays. >> wonderful. good present. >> it's a wild animal and can't legally kept as a pet but she is now classified as an educational resource allowing her to locally stay there. >> can learn a lot from a duck. 9 minutes before 5:00. an oakland city councilwoman facing a multi- million dollar lawsuit after an alleged assault. what the victim says motivated the attack. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. an oakland city council wom,
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the target of a multi-milli dollar lawsuit. as kpix five's good morning. high temperatures across the bay today, they are not exactly that high. in fact, we're well below average for this time of the year topping out around 51 in morgan hill, 53 mountain view, 53 in union city. east bay temperatures low to mid-50s, as well. 52 in danville. daly city 52 as well as in kentfield, berkeley, pretty much low 50s everywhere except up north where we'll be in the 40s for some of the chilly spots. we also have rain possible thunderstorms and, yes, maybe a little bit of snow. we're watching this accident in el cerrito eastbound 80 beyond potrero blocking the right-hand lane. there is a little bit of slow traffic now because of the problem. we'll have another update on this and a complete look at
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your christmas eve drive with "kcbs traffic." an oakland city councilwoman is the target of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. as kpix 5's christin ayers tells us, the suit is claiming elder abuse after a political disagreement. >> the people in the city of oakland do not expect their representatives to engage in street brawls. reporter: attorney charles bonner says a street brawl is exactly what happened between oakland city council member desley brooks and his client, former black panther elaine brown october 30 at everett and jones restaurant a legal complaint claims brown and brooks got into a disagreement over an affordable housing promising brown is working on. court documents claim brooks said to brown, i haven't moved on you before because you're old. but now i'm tired of your bs. bonner says that is when the assault happened. >> gets up and desley brooks ended up taking both of her arms and striking miss brown in
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the chest knocking miss brown over a stack of chairs. she hit her head. she also stood over miss brown and threatened to strike her again! >> reporter: now brown, who is in her 70s, is claiming elder abuse and demanding a total of $7 million in damages. brown is a well-known activist. most recently she took a stand against the shooting of mario woods in san francisco urging a crowd in no uncertain terms to follow the example of the black panthers. >> seize the right to bear arms and we patroled our communities and we didn't take photographs. we patroled those communities with guns. >> reporter: despite her toughness, her attorney says the elderly woman was abused. the councilwoman did not return our calls. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> a vigil is planned for today to remember the grandson of another oakland city councilwoman. her 17-year-old grandson was gunned down near 9th street in
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mandela parkway in west oakland on sunday. there is a $20,000 reward to help find that killer. one of the busiest travel days of the year some people heading to sfo encountered an unexpected delay yesterday. just after noon, "black lives matter" protestors walked on highway 101 and blocked traffic on the connector ramp to the airport. the off-ramp from 101 south to the airport. they held banners saying, justice for mario woods. he is the man san francisco police shot and killed three weeks ago. nine people were arrested. a similar scene on the 405 in l.a. protestors halted traffic as they spray-painted messages on the pavement. it was part of a national coordinated protest. the oldest cab company in san francisco is replacing meters with cloud technology. that allows passengers to hail a can and split fares with a smartphone. 4:57 on this christmas eve.
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a hate crime shooting at a san leandro nightclub. what led up to it? coming up. >> we are live at with the raiders actively making plans to try to move to l.a. that means this could be their final home game ever. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thursday, december take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a good morning if you're trying to head into the city traffic-wise. >> it didn't look good. >> a little glitch there technology. yeah, everybody is half asleep. it's christmas eve! december 24, thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. michelle griego and frank mallicoat are both sleeping peacefully somewhere. >> you know is not? santa! we have been watching him. >>


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